XTO Energy – Kaybob

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services for numerous upgrades and expansions to XTO’s existing sour Kaybob Gas Plant near Fox Creek, Alberta.

The first expansion was completed in 2015 and involved the installation of a new Inlet Separator and a new In-line Heater to debottleneck the facility and allow for the increased condensate flow of 6445 bbl/d.

The second expansion was completed in 2016 and involved the installation of an upgraded reboiler skid that allows easier access and periodical removal of the fouled reboiler from service for maintenance/replacement and cleaning.

The third expansion is currently underway and involves increasing the plant gas processing capacity from 100 MMSCF/d to 150 MMSCF/d, and condensate processing capacity from 6445 bbl/d to 20000 bbl/d. The third expansion was completed in May 2019. The following new equipment was installed:

  • One (1) Stabilizer Package consisting of:
    • Stabilizer Tower
    • Stabilizer Feed Drum
    • Pumps (Reflux Pumps to Reflux Accumulator)
    • Feed Bottoms Exchanger
    • Feed Pre-Heater
    • Condensate Filters
    • Reflux Condenser
    • Reflux Accumulator
    • Kettle Reboilers (2 x 100%)
    • Product Coolers
    • Amine Inlet Separator
    • Remote Stabilizer Control Panel
  • Overhead Compressor
  • High Pressure (HP) Flare System Replacement
  • Heat Medium Skid
  • Heat Medium Pop Tank
  • Hot Oil Storage Tank
  • Vapour Recovery Unit
  • LPG Storage (additional to existing)
  • 4160 VAC Electrical System Upgrades
  • 480 VAC Electrical System Upgrades
  • Sales Metering building
  • TCPL Sales pipeline
  • Utility Building for localized 24 VDC Uninterruptible Power Supply (TBD)
  • Control System Upgrades (Including piping and valving for split sales operation)
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering

The following systems will be added, upgraded or replaced if deemed necessary by process studies:

  • Sales Gas Booster Compressor (Optional, TBD)
  • Truck-Out Upgrade (Optional, TBD)
  • Gas/Gas Exchanger for Amine System (Optional, TBD)
  • Pembina Pump Modifications and/or Upgrades (TBD, by Pembina, outside GLE scope)
  • Refrigeration Plant Upgrades