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Recursos da Zagros Ocidental – Desenvolvimento do Campo de Sarqala

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed a conceptual design for gathering lines and central production facility to produce 35000 bbl/d of oil, 56 MMSCF/d of sweet, associated gas and 1700 bbl/d of LPG product. Facilities include: Approximately 15 km of 8″ to 12″ gathering lines, inlet separation, oil treating, and oil stabilization, overheads compression to collect separator, treater, and stabilizer gases, low temperature separation, including glycol injection and regeneration, and propane refrigeration, de-ethanizer tower, with overheads compression to push overhead gases into the sales gas stream, de-butanizer to produce and overhead LPG product and a C5+ bottoms product to be blended into the sales oil stream, oil and LPG storage and truck loading facilities and provision to tie sales gas into future regional gas distribution network, provision of required utilities (electric power, fuel gas, instrument air, flares, drains, etc.)