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Oeste do Canadá - FEED da planta de pirólise

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) carried out the FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) for a 300 kg/hr pyrolysis plant. Located adjacent to an existing landfill, the modular facility will convert appropriate plastic and organic materials into a liquid pyrolysis oil product. An existing pyrolysis plant previously used in oilfield service was also purchased by the client and the equipment was reviewed by GLE for partial reuse in the new facility. A complete FEED package was prepared for the project including process simulations, a cost estimate, design basis memorandum, plot plan, P&ID’s, and sourcing of long lead equipment items. The processing facility was designed around the client’s proprietary reactor technology, and GLE’s design scope included:

  • High temperature pyrolysis filtration system
  • Pyrolysis gas cooling system
  • Pyrolysis gas compression system
  • Pyrolysis oil condensing system
  • Oil storage
  • 500 kW of power generation
  • Instrument air
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Non-condensable incineration
  • The non-condensable portion of the pyrolysis gas stream will be incinerated in order to eliminate the release of any odors or undesirable components to the atmosphere, although the possible use of this gas as supplementary fuel to the reactor burners will be tested during initial operation of the facility. In order to obtain a more complete dataset for the system design and to simulate the overall reactor performance, a bench-scale reactor and model of the cooling and condensing system was also designed and constructed, with the pyrolysis products being sent to a lab for analysis