Pembina – Compressores de Elevação a Gás KRIA Fase 2

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed full EP services on the installation of a gas lift compressor and a sweet gas dehydration unit, at Pembina’s Kaybob Regional Infrastructure Alliance (KRIA) Phase 2 facility, after a successful FEED study. KRIA Phase 2 was constructed adjacent to the Duvernay Phase 1 (DR2, DS1/2, and DH1) facility located 10 km West of Fox Creek, Alberta.

Installed equipment included:

  • Process Gas tie-in from the Gas Sweetening Area (DT1)
  • Tie-in to existing utility system valves installed as part of early work in 2019
  • TEG Dehydration Package
  • Gas Lift Compressor
    • One (1) single-stage Ariel KBK/4 compressor package (1 x 100% 30 MMSCF/d) equipped with 2500 hp Hyundai Electric Motor.
  • Flow Meters
  • Piping, valves, fittings and tie-in to the existing 219 mm (8”) CL1500 line installed as part of early work in 2019
  • Tie-in, piping, valves and fittings from the existing line to the ESDV station.