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Husky Energy – Oleoduto Rainbow Lake

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided detailed design work and installation of a 10 km long acid gas injection pipeline. The pipeline was designed for 95% H₂S concentrations, a flow rate of 6 MMSCF/d, with a MOP of 9850 kPag (1429 psig). The project also included the development of the acid gas injection (AGI) well site, including pigging facilities, flare stack, and flare knockout drum. Design features of the pipeline and well site:

  • 9.9 km (6.15 mile) long pipeline, 114.3 mm (4.5”) outside diameter
  • Designed and licensed for 95% H2S, operating at 80% H₂S
  • Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) of 9850 kPag (1429 psig)
  • 5 intermediate ESDV/riser stations
  • Field Signature Method (FSM) corrosion monitoring system
  • Removable pig launcher/receiver for smart-pigging capabilities
  • Fuel Gas supply line installed to well site for flaring and purge operations
  • Integration to existing acid gas compression and liquid acid gas pumping facilities
  • Well site flaring facilities with fuel gas assist and acid gas/fuel gas ratio control
  • 25 year injection design life