Husky Energy – Aberfeldy

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed a FEED study on a polymer flood project for its existing Aberfeldy heavy oil battery located near Llyodminster, Saskatchewan. The FEED project proceeded into full engineering design with the polymer facility becoming operational in July 2019.

The existing facility consists of a number of horizontal well pads, with three pads also equipped with Central Processing Facilities (CPF’s) where produced oil emulsion is separated, sand is removed, oil is treated, water is filtered, re-pressurized and distributed back to injection wells. One of the CPF’s, known as “G” pad was chosen to be upgraded to polymer injection to increase oil production from 200m3/d oil to 455‑730 m3/d oil. All new equipment will be installed without interrupting operation, and all tie-in points to be installed during regularly scheduled system turnarounds. Installed equipment included:

  • Replace exiting 3000m3/d Water Injection and Filtering skid with a 3500m3/d Polymer Mixing and Injection skid c/w various support buildings
  • One (1) 2000 bbl Skim Tank
  • One (1) 2000 bbl Injection Tank
  • Two (2) 2000 bbl Polymer Storage and Aging Tanks
  • Retrofit existing FWKO from current two-phase setup to three-phase setup
  • New Vapour Recovery system to capture tank vapour and re-inject into the Fuel Gas System
  • New Glycol Heat Medium System
    • Two (2) new 879 kW Boilers c/w Pumps, Filters and Surge Tank
    • Retrofit existing Heating Tank and Settling Tank with insertion style plates and coil heat exchangers to avoid caking issues associated with conventional firetubes and polymer injection
  • MCC Building Extension for new equipment
  • Improved safety with the installation of new Plant Control System (PCS) that will facilitate total control of the existing oil battery and all new equipment
  • Upgraded 1500 kVA Pad-mounted Transformer
  • Site civil design and work including lease expansion, drainage modifications, new secondary containment area