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Gulf Keystone Petroleum International – Desenvolvimento do Campo de Shaikan

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed conceptual and FEED design of gas treating facilities to supplement current oil facilities (2 x 20,000 bbl/d) on two production sites in the Shaikan Field development in Kurdistan. The design package was detailed enough for construction. Project scope included:

  • Acid gas and sweet gas transmission lines between production facilities sites, an acid gas injection well and a future central production facility.
  • Gas treating facilities at each site included:
    • Sour gas compression (inlet and recycle) for 20 MMSCF/d of raw gas that has a composition containing roughly 10% CO2 and 15% H2S
    • 20 MMSCF/d amine‑based, gas treating unit producing 5 MMSCF/d of 60%/40% H2S/CO2 acid gas, acid gas compression and dehydration (5 MMSCF/d)
    • NGL recovery and stripping (to supplement stabilized oil production), sour water handling, fuel gas for power generation
    • Acid gas injection well and/or future central production facility and tie-ins to existing oil treating facilities, utilities and future water handling equipment
  • The project involved multiple engineering partners, therefore liaising with others to facilitate interconnectivity with oil/water/gas separation, oil processing, and equipment fabrication and supply, were critical elements of this project