Encontre Energia – Pembina

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) designed, procured and provided construction support for a 30 MMSCF/d sweet gas plant and the subsequent expansion to 57 MMSCF/d. Plant products produced: Gas, condensate, frac oil and natural gas liquids.

The processing facilities designed: Inlet separator, natural gas driven inlet/sales gas reciprocating compressor, condensate stabilizer, condensate overhead compressor, de-hexanizer, refrigeration unit for liquids recovery, tank farm for condensate and frac oil storage, natural gas liquids storage for (C3+), truck loading facilities for condensate and frac oil and LACT units for pipeline deliveries of sales gas and C3+ .

Utilities systems designed: Flare system, fuel gas system, MCC, heat medium system, instrument air system and closed drain system for hydrocarbon and water.