CSV Midstream – Expansões de instalações Karr 6-18

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided complete EPCM Engineering Services for two brownfield expansions of a sour compressor and dehydrator near Grande Prairie, Alberta. The first expansion increased the throughput of the existing facility from 40 MMSCF/d to 80 MMSCF/d. The second expansion further increased the throughput of the facility to 150 MMSCF/d.

40 MMSCF/d to 80 MMSCF/d Expansion

The first expansion increased the throughput of the existing facility from 40 MMSCF/d TO 80 MMSCF/d. The plant processes sour gas containing 0.5% H2S, and 12,000 bbl/d of oil/condensate. The expansion required over 130 tie-ins throughout the plant. The schedule was extremely aggressive and the project was completed in 13 months from the date of the kick-off meeting to start-up. GLE’s scope of work included process, mechanical, civil, structural, and E&IC design work including PLC/HMI programming and on-site commissioning support. Numerous existing systems required modification in order to accommodate the expansion. Total project EPCM services were completed at a very low brownfield project cost of less than 10% TIC.

The project included the installation of:

  • Two (2) new 4730 hp compressor packages c/w Caterpillar G3616LE gas driven engines driving Ariel KBZ/6 3-stage compressors
  • New 18,000 bbl tank farm, designed with optional cascaded or bulk storage of oil/condensate and water
  • Two (2) new 36” 600 ANSI sour glycol dehydration packages
  • New 8’ x 30’ heater for a 2.6 MMBtu/h heat duty treater
  • New 750 kW natural gas driven generator, and synchronization to five existing generators
  • New 250 hp Electric Drive Ariel JG/2 Recycle Compressor
  • New 85 hp Electric Drive Rotary Vane Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)
  • New instrument air package
  • New BTEX condenser tank
  • New MCC / Switch gear building
  • LACT unit modifications
  • Upgraded facility HMI
  • Piping, structural steel, piling, foundations, and earthworks
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering

80 MMSCF/d to 150 MMSCF/d Expansion

The second expansion, known as “D2”, further increased the throughput of the facility from 80 MMSCF/d to 150 MMSCF/d. “D2” also includes a major liquids processing expansion from 12,000 bbl/d to 30,000 bbl/d of oil/condensate, and 28,000 bbl/d produced water. The facility was completed and operational in July 2020. The project included the installation of:

  • One (1) 10’ I.D. x 50’ S/S Inlet Separator Package
  • Three (3) 10’ I.D. x 40’ S/S Treater Packages
  • Two (2) new 5000 hp main compressor packages c/w Caterpillar G3616 A4 gas driven engines driving Ariel KBZ/6 3-stage compressors
  • One (1) Gas Sweetening Unit (GSU)
  • One (1) Gas Chilling Unit (GCU) with De-Butanizer Unit
  • Two (2) Overhead Vapour Compressor Packages
  • Two (2) Sour Mixed Gas Compressor Packages
  • Two (2) Recycle Compressor Packages
  • New Flare System (Acid Gas (AG), HP, LP)
  • Two (2) 90,000 US Gallon Hydrocarbon Bullets c/w Two (2) Truck-out terminals
  • Two (2) 14,000 bbl Hydrocarbon Liquids (HCL) Storage Tanks c/w Eight (8) Truck-out terminals
  • Two (2) HCL Transfer Pumps
  • Two (2) 3000 bbl Treater Tanks
  • One (1) NGL LACT and Associated Pumps
  • One (1) 24 MMBtu/hr Heat Medium Package
  • One (1) Fuel Gas Package
  • One (1) Instrument Air Package
  • Two (2) 7.9 MW Siemens SGT300 Gas Turbine Gensets
  • One (1) 5kV Electrical Building + One (1) 480 V MCC Building
  • One (1) Control / Office Building
  • Two (2) Electrical Utility Buildings
  • One (1) Warehouse
  • One (1) VRU Package c/w two (2) Rotary Vane Compressors
  • One (1) NGL LACT c/w pumps + Three (3) HCL Recycle Pumps
  • Remote Electric Heat Tracing (EHT) Skids
  • Modular Pipe Racks with piping installed prior to shipment to site. Flanges will be used to connect piping between modules.
  • Site grading and preparation, including berms, gravel foundations for tanks, and concrete foundations
  • Full in-house EPCM Services
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering including DCS programming