Central do Canadá - Atualização da Usina de Etanol USP

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is carrying out engineering services on an ethanol plant upgrade in central Canada. Additional distillation and processing equipment will be added to upgrade a portion of the facilities existing fuel grade ethanol output, to USP grade. The upgrade will facilitate the removal of acetal, acetaldehyde, and other fusel oil components. New on-site ethanol tanks will also be installed to store and denature the USP grade ethanol product separately from the existing fuel grade product.

In order to accommodate a rapid project execution for the use of the USP grade ethanol in pandemic disinfectant products, the process equipment is being procured very early in the project. By making extensive use of 3D laser scanning on-site, the upgrade will be carried out using a high degree of off-site prefabricated piping, structural steel, and process modules that will be shipped to site and installed with minimal disruption of the existing facility operations.

Project scope includes:

  • Evaluation of processing options including distillation and caustic removal of acetal
  • DBM Development
  • Drawing Development (Plot Plan, PFD’s, P&ID’s)
  • Compras
  • Gerenciamento de projetos
  • Engenharia de Processos
  • Engenharia Mecânica
  • Engenharia Civil
  • Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation