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Altagas – Usina de Extração de Etano Harmattan

An EPCM brownfield project to modify an ethane extraction plant to increase production from 275 MMSCF/d to 400 MMSCF/d. The project involved installation of new equipment and modification of existing equipment within the facility. The design features included:

  • Inlet compressor – Centrifugal – EMD (5200 hp)
  • Residue gas compressor – Centrifugal – EMD (8500 hp)
  • Sales gas compressors – Replaced two 2400 hp engines with two 4000 hp electric motor drives
  • Replaced two 2000 hp gas driven refrigeration compressors with a 7500 hp Elliot centrifugal refrigeration compressor
  • Solar Turbine Driver c/w condensers, accumulator, and economizer refrigeration system which was tied into existing refrigeration system
  • Added a waste heat recovery system to refrigeration compressor exhaust. Recovered heat merged into existing Heat Medium system.
  • Retrofitted two 800 hp steam turbines in refrigeration service
  • Replaced the existing 250 MMSCF/d turbo-expander with a 400 MMSCF/d turbo-expander
  • Modified de-ethanizers to create two trains. De-ethanizer modifications included change-out of trays and addition of tower nozzles. With the changes, a reduction in refrigeration duty and an increase in de-ethanizer capacity was realized.
  • Added two 5560 kW de-ethanizer overhead condensers and three 350 hp pumps to convert to full ethane condensing