Win Energy – Todd Creek

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. provided engineering, (process, mechanical, civil and electrical), procurement, construction support and regulatory services for a 10 MMSCF/d sweet gas plant. The design basis for the major pieces of equipment was set at 20 MMSCF/d for future expansion of the plant. A refrigeration unit was included in the design to recover liquids. The plant located in Southwest Alberta is in ranch country and the buildings containing equipment were designed using ranch styles and typical colour schemes to blend in with the surrounding environment. Design features of the plant included:

  • 3-phase inlet separation
  • 1085 hp two-stage natural gas compressor
  • 20 MMSCF/d propane refrigeration unit with de-ethanizer
  • Recycle compressor
  • 30,000 US Gallon storage bullet for NGL
  • NGL product loading pump skid
  • Utilities
    • Instrument Air
    • Fuel Gas
    • Utility Heat Medium
    • Flare System
    • 480 V 3-phase supplied off of the grid
    • 24 V DC UPS system
  • Buildings
    • Inlet building
    • Compressor building
    • Refrigeration process building
    • VRU building
    • Recycle compressor
    • Office
    • Garage/warehouse
    • Utility building