Win Energy – Mazeppa Gas Plant Expansion

Gas Liquids Engineering completed engineering and regulatory work on an expansion to the Mazeppa gas processing plant to bring it from 80MMSCF/d to 90 MMSCF/d on the sour gas side (without changing the licensed inlet sulphur rate or emissions due to the current sulphur rate being lower than original design), and construct a 45 MMSCF/d train on the sweet side. Installed equipment included:

  • Two (2) 50,000 US Gallon horizontal storage bullets for LPG storage with truck loading facilities
  • New buildings
    • 3-phase inlet separator and stabilizer building
    • Sweet gas compressor building
    • Recycle compressor building
    • Refrigeration #1 building
    • Refrigeration #2 building
    • MCC building
    • Instrument air compressor building