Williams Energy – AGI Dilley, Texas

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided detailed engineering, procurement, construction packages, commissioning and startup services for an acid gas injection facility with two compressors and a pipeline to a wellhead for sequestration of acid gas produced at a 110 MMSCF/d gas processing plant. The project entailed a significant expansion of the site footprint, plot plan development, site civil preparations, structural work, and process and mechanical design to integrate the acid gas injection facilities during a major expansion of the gas processing capacity. The successful design and operation of the acid gas injection facility and the high level of activity throughout the Eagleford Shale area resulted in GLE being contracted to increase the acid gas injection capacity by 1 MMSCF/d. The new acid gas compression unit is a five stage compressor. Startup occured in December 2015. Design features of the plant include:

  • 900 feet of 10” piping and pipe-rack that connects two amine unit reflux accumulators to the acid gas compression facilities
  • Acid gas knock out drum
  • Two 0.5 MMSCF/d, 5-stage, 200 hp acid gas compressors with design compression capability of 2850 psig maximum
  • Four aerial coolers for inter-stage cooling
  • 500 feet of above ground stainless steel pipeline to an on‑site acid gas wellhead. Pipeline design rating 4200 psig
  • Additional compressed air receiver
  • Methanol injection skid
  • Multi-point FTIR analyzer package capable of monitoring H₂S, CO₂, and C1 to C6 components from compression inlet to the injection well-head
  • MCC expansion – transformer, switchgear
  • Instrumentation and control system that minimizes operator intervention and maximizes plant and personnel safety
  • A 1 MMSCF/d, 5-stage 350 hp acid gas compressor. Startup occurred in December 2015.