Tidewater – Pipestone Pipeline & Gas Storage Facility

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is undertaking the engineering, procurement, and construction management of the Tidewater Pipestone Gas Storage Facility. Tidewater is converting the depleted Dimsdale Paddy ‘A’ Pool into a 2-cycle 78 BCF natural gas storage facility.

The system will be capable of injecting up to 0.8 BCF/d of sweet transmission quality natural gas into the reservoir for storage during periods of low natural gas demand (summer), and withdrawing up to 0.6 BCF/d and returning it to the local pipeline networks during periods of high demand (winter). A portion of the pipeline was constructed in early 2019, and cushion gas injection commenced in early 2018.

This major gas storage project has a unique location in Alberta, situated within a future commercial/industrial park and adjacent to the Grande Prairie Airport, which was annexed to be within Grande Prairie city limits partway through the regulatory process. The project faced numerous regulatory hurdles due to the challenging location, which was in close proximity to nearby acreage residents. Stringent noise and emissions specifications needed to be achieved, including high grade custom noise suppression equipment to bring the 15525 hp of gas engine driven reciprocating compression (Ariel KBZ / CAT 3616) in agreement with Alberta Directive 60. Virtually all potential emission and odor sources outside of the engine exhaust are captured using a vapor recovery system. With the location of the site along the helicopter approach path for the Grande Prairie Airport, and considering the obstacle limitation surface (OLS) for the airport runways, flarestacks were not a preferable option for this site. As a result, the site was designed to use a fully enclosed ground level flare, which will be only the second of its kind in Alberta. GLE was engaged in the landowner and regulatory process throughout the project, including carrying out town hall meetings, and addressing both the City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie No.1. The reservoir received Alberta Energy Regulatory Directive 65 approval for a Gas Storage Scheme in January 2014. The project received full regulatory approval in 2017, and the construction of the east-west lateral is complete. The remainder of the project is expected to commence construction soon. The development consists of:

  • On-site central well drilling pad
  • Four (4) 5’ ID x 20’ S/S inlet separators
  • 15525 hp of reciprocating gas compression
  • Two (2) 6’ x 50’ TEG dehydrator contactors, and associated 7 MMBtu/h glycol regeneration system
  • 30” 44 km pipeline from the plant site to the transmission tie-in points