Texaco – Alberta Hub

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided design and construction support to expand the capacity of an underground storage facility from 250 MMSCF/d to 500 MMSCF/d. The Alberta Hub storage utilizes abandoned oil wells that have been converted to gas storage operation. The gas storage facility is additionally operated as an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) facility. As gas is withdrawn from storage, residual oil and liquids are recovered from the wells. During the injection portion of the storage cycle, gas is strategically injected to encourage the sweeping of liquids to the withdrawal wells. Prior to the gas being delivered to market, the gas is processed through a Joule-Thomson type dew point control plant to further recover hydrocarbon liquids and bring the gas onto sales specification. Project design features included:

  • 9 km of 16″ pipeline and tie-ins of two storage wells
  • Dew point control plant inlet separator addition
  • 3335 hp compressor addition
  • Performance evaluation of the 400 MMSCF/d dew point control plant