TAQA – Atrush Gas Sweetening Facilities

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided a FEED study for a Gas Sweetening Facility that was planned to be installed at the Atrush oil processing site. The client requested the design package be sufficiently detailed for construction. The Atrush oil processing facility was designed to be installed over two phases (one train per phase). Each train is capable of processing 30,000 bbl/d oil, 12 MMSCF/d of gas with a H2S composition of 10-20 mol % which will be flared. The Atrush facility relies on diesel fuel for power generation which is very costly. TAQA determined that there was an incentive to use natural gas to produce power for the Atrush site, as it was much more cost effective.

The scope of the project was to design a facility capable of sweetening all of the associated gas to satisfy the fuel gas requirements and potentially have the excess sweet gas available for possible future export. The design included:

  • 2 x 50% electrically driven 3-stage reciprocating compressors with inter-stage cooling at the front end
  • Amine Sweetening Unit utilizing MDEA
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit
  • Gas Turbine Generator
  • 40 MMBtu/hr Heat Medium
  • Fuel Gas System
  • Thermal Oxidizer
  • Reverse Osmosis Package
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering