Spectra Energy – Empress McNeil Siding

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided mechanical, Civil, and Structural design and construction support for expansion and streamlining of an existing NGL railcar dock in Southeast Alberta. Project scope included:

  • Replaced an existing 24 railcar loading facility with a 20 railcar loading facility compliant with current OH&S requirements
  • Provided capability with loading rack full length headers to offload NGL C3+ mix and load up to four different products (C3, iC4, nC4, C5+) simultaneously
  • Included a VRU (2 x 50 hp units) to recover vapors and liquid heels, to minimize emissions and improve feedstock recovery
  • The VRU discharge vapors are compressed and discharged to push out offloading NGLs
  • Included added NGL surge capacity (105,000 US gallon) with individual level control to enable around-the-clock NGL feed to the depropanizer
  • Included upsized C3+ feed pump to enable measured around-the-clock NGL feed to the depropanizery
  • The original plant was constructed in 1963, which meant many original design information items were unreadable or out of date. Original paper drawings were scanned and utilized for the design basepoint.