Seven Generations – Lator 2

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided engineering, procurement and construction support for a 250 MMSCF/d sweet natural gas processing and NGL production facility south of Grand Prairie, Alberta. Some features of the project include:

  • Efficient and cost effective project execution:
    • Low capital cost
    • 18 month project cycle time – Project start in May 2014 and start-up achieved in October 2015 (first sales gas and NGL)
    • EPCM services for less than 12% of project total installed cost
    • First IFC drawings issued and pre-fabrication of steel kicked off 6 months after project start
    • Final IFC drawings issued and site construction kicked off 10 months after project start
  • Sales NGL LACT to sales pipeline with back-up truck loading stations
  • Utilities including primary/emergency power generation, heat medium system, closed hydrocarbon drain, instrument air, high and low pressure flare systems, and 4160/480/120V power distribution
  • Sales NGL Storage – Six (6) 60,000 US gallon pressurized storage bullets
  • Large gas processing scale and scope:
    • Inlet Slug Catching and Separation
    • Dewpoint Control – Two (2) units utilizing JT-assisted mechanical refrigeration, 330 USTR chilling capacity using Howden XRV-204 refrigeration compressors equipped with 500 hp electric motors
    • Sales Gas Compression – Two (2) single-stage Ariel KBZ/4 compressor packages equipped with 3,350 hp Caterpillar G3612TALE natural gas engines
    • Recycle Gas Compression – Three (3) two-stage Ariel JGE/4 compressor packages equipped with 800 hp Caterpillar G3516TALE natural gas engines