Seven Generations – Gold Creek Power Generation

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is currently providing EPCM services to Seven Generations for the Gold Creek Gas Plant, a sweet natural gas processing facility, located near Grand Prairie, Alberta. The plant will be built in multiple phases. Phase 1 will consist of two separate processing plants; Plant 1 and Plant 2. Each plant will have the ability to process 250 MMSCF/d of gas (500 MMSCF/d total), and 10375 bbl/d of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) (20750 bbl/d total). Plant 1 and common facilities to shared between Plant 1 and Plant 2 are planned for completion in Fall 2018, with Plant 2 following at a later date.

Phase 1 of the Gold Creek Gas Plant includes a power generation plant with the capability of producing approximately 30 MW of power at 13.8 kV via two Natural Gas Turbine Generators and one Natural Gas Reciprocating Engine Generator. The Turbine Generators are rated at 13.5 MW each, and the Reciprocating Engine Generator is rated at 2.5 MW. The Natural Gas Reciprocating Engine Generator can operate as either a peak shaving generator when the overall plant load is higher than what the Turbine Generators can provide or as a Critical Services Generator that can provide power to critical loads in the event of a Turbine Generator outage. A 1.5 MW Diesel Reciprocating Engine Generator is also installed as a black start generator in order to startup the Turbine Generators, and the Diesel Reciprocating Engine Generator can also operate as a Critical Services Generator that can run in parallel with the Natural Gas Reciprocating Engine Generator.

The 13.8 kV Generator Switchgear is designed for a future connection to ATCO Electric via a future 25 kV – 13.8 kV transformer in order to provide a maximum of 20 MVA of utility power to the plant.

One of the Turbine Generators is installed with a 36 MMBtu/hr Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) that is used to provide heat to a TEG/water process/utility heat medium system.

Power is distributed throughout the Gas Plant to various transformers to feed the loads required to run the plant. This includes major loads such as 4500 hp Sales Gas Compressor motors, 3500 hp Refrigeration Compressor motors and 1300 hp Overheads Compressor motors.