Red Mountain Energy – Minnibai Cryogenic Facility

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed process design, basic, and FEED engineering for a 45 MMSCF/d cryogenic facility to separate nitrogen, sales gas, and C2+ products from a mixed stream of these components. The plant embodies a relatively simple two (2) tower design, without the need of external refrigeration, with effective nitrogen rejection, high purity sales gas, and 95-99% recovery of ethane in the C2+ stream. Installed equipment included:

  • Sales Gas Compression: Two (2) 3000 kW (6 kV, 50 Hz) Cameron Superior WH75 3-stage, 6-throw reciprocating compressors
  • C2+ Compression and liquefaction: Two (2) 600 kW (6 kV, 50 Hz) Cameron Superior RAM 54 three-stage four-throw reciprocating compressors
  • 6 MW Total plant design capacity supplied at 6000 V / 400 V / 220 V @ 50 Hz
  • New control room, MCC building, compressor building, instrument air / ventilation building, and turboexpander building. All buildings were constructed on site instead of shop built.