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Polish Oil and Gas Company – LMG Project

The LMG plant is designed to process sour fluids from 13 well-sites and 5 gathering centres to produce 11,300 bbl/d of stabilized oil, 25 MMSCF/d of sales gas, 500 bbl/d of LPG, 240 bbl/d of condensate and 70 t/d of elemental sulphur. The project includes the well-sites and gathering lines, as well as, plant facilities which include oil/gas/water separation, oil de-salting and stabilization, gas treating (MDEA unit, and SULFINOL® unit), low temperature separation and fractionation, water treatment and injection, sulphur production (EUROCLAUS® – reaction furnace + 2 Claus conversion reactors + hydrogenation reactor + oxidation reactor + tail gas incinceration), plant utilities (power generation (4 x 3.4 MW, each @ 6 kV), steam, instrument air, fuel gas), product export pipelines (oil & gas) and truck loading facilities for LPG, condensate, and sulphur. Plant compression facilities include low pressure gas recompression (3 x 60 %, 630 kW each), sales gas compression (3 x 60 %, 1000 kW each) and propane refrigerant compression (2 x 100 %, 900 kW each).

  • The Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) retained Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) as the lead member of a consortium acting as the Technical Advisor to POGC for the LMG project, providing services which include:
    • Review of the basic, building, and detailed engineering design packages for the project facilities to ensure proper design
    • Review of HAZOP, LOPA, and SIL studies to ensure design and implementation of acceptable safety systems to protect plant personnel, equipment, and the Nature 2000 forest environment around the facilities
    • Construction inspection and factory acceptance testing for key equipment items
    • Site support for process equipment receipt, installation, and acceptance
    • Training for plant management and operations staff
    • Commissioning and start-up support and support for technical acceptance of the completed facilities
  • Post start-up, GLE was asked to provide:
    • Turn down study for S plant operation
    • Troubleshooting LP compressor capacity restriction at high target throughput rates
    • Troubleshooting support for main amine unit charge pumps and excessive shaft wear