Plains Midstream – Rocky Mountain Truck Terminal

Gas Liquids Engineering provided civil, mechanical and electrical design and construction support for a crude oil truck off-loading terminal located in Central Alberta. The crude oil is off loaded from trucks into a crude oil storage tank and then pumped into a crude oil pipeline operated by Plains. The terminal is managed remotely by operators in the control centre for the pipeline. The design features included:

  • Inlet crude oil skid with enviro box, basket strainer, vapour eliminator and BS&W monitor
  • Inlet metering skid with a Coriolis custody transfer meter and meter prover connections
  • 3000 bbl crude oil tank and containment system
  • Outlet metering skid with a crude oil booster pump, Coriolis meter, sampling system, and meter proving connections
  • Crude oil shipping pump for injection into the crude oil pipeline
  • Drainage system and underground sump tanks on the inlet and outlet for the terminal to collect oil
  • Plastic lined run-off pond to collect site drainage
  • Security fence and automated gate
  • Transformer and MCC building
  • A trucker shelter where load tickets are printed
  • Instrumentation and controls to manage the terminal remotely