Plains Midstream – Kerrobert Oil Blending Facility

Gas Liquids Engineering provided the engineering design and construction support for an in-line crude oil blending system at the Kerrobert Saskatchewan Terminal. The system would enable Seal Heavy Crude (SH) and/or Albian Heavy Synthetic Crude (AHS), to be blended into Lloyd Kerrobert Heavy Crude (LLK) batches. Design features included:

  • Two pump skidded buildings complete with primary and back-up centrifugal pumps for each of the AHS and SH injection products
  • Dedicated piping for SH and AHS crudes from the pump skid to the metering skid
  • A metering building with flow controllers and meter proving capabilities
  • Expansion of the existing MCC to include the additional VFDs and associated panels for the pumps
  • Controls and instrumentation to facilitate remote control
  • Above ground piping and pipe racks within the berms and tie-in points
  • Underground piping in open areas