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Plains Midstream – Gull Lake LACT & MCC Replacement

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed EPCM services for Plains Midstream to install a new LACT & MCC building at their 13-35 facility. The project was partially completed in 2013 by GLE before being put on hold. The project was restarted and completed in 2019.

2013 Project Scope:

  • Installation of LACT and MCC
  • Wiring from MCC to LACT
  • Pipeline ROW determined and alignments sheets created, but land was not acquired at the time
  • Two (2) Pig Sender / Receivers constructed but not installed at the time

2019 Project Scope:

  • Installation of new HVAC unit in MCC
  • Installation of Sump Tank and Drains
  • New PSV’s and Valves
  • Installation of new instrumentation and piping
  • Installation of 120VAC UPS inside MCC building
  • Review BS&W Monitor Installation and Terminate Wires
  • Replace existing sampler & spool with Clif Mock sampler and pull new cables/terminate
  • Inspect motor and pump
  • Inspect PD meter
  • Acquire land and construct 460 metre pipeline lateral
  • Installation of two previously constructed Pig Sender / Receiver units
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering