Pembina – KRIA Amine Sweetening

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed the detailed design of a 150 MMSCF/d Sour Gas Processing Addition to Pembina’s Kaybob Regional Infrastructure Alliance (KRIA) Phase 1 facility, located 10 km West of Fox Creek, Alberta.

The Gas sweetening design includes equipment and piping installation in two separate areas of the facility. The Gas Sweetening Area (DT1) includes inlet gas heating and cross exchange, Gas Sweetening and Bulk Liquids Separation. This area of the plant has a dedicated Motor Control Centre (MCC). An Acid Gas Knockout Drum and Incinerator are located near the existing HP Flare Stack.

The Amine Regeneration Area (DA1) includes Amine Regeneration with a dedicated Fuel Gas Conditioning, Heat Medium, Reverse Osmosis and Closed Amine Drain Systems as well as a tank farm and a Motor Control Centre (MCC). Both modular and stick built pipe racks are included in the design. The facility has been designed to be expandable to up to 4 times the current inlet capacity. Equipment installed included:

  • Gas Sweetening
    • One Amine Contactor Tower capable of sweetening 150 MMSCF/d of sour gas
    • One Inlet Line Heater
    • Inlet Gas/Gas Exchangers
    • Sweet Gas Outlet Separator capable of handling 300 MMSCF/d of sweet gas
    • Methanol Injection Package
    • Local Motor Control Center
    • Acid Gas Knock-out Drum
    • Acid Gas Incinerator
  • Amine Regeneration
    • One Amine Regeneration Tower with a maximum capacity of 460 GPM of Amine (MDEA)
    • One Reboiler Skid (Pre-Built)
    • Lean Amine Charge Pump Building (Pre-Built)
    • Rich Amine Flash Building
    • Reflux Condenser
    • Lean Amine Cooler
    • Heat Medium Package
    • Fuel Gas Package
    • Closed Amine Drain Vessel
    • Reverse Osmosis (Water Filtration) Package
    • Motor Control Center (MCC)