Murphy Oil – Tupper West Sour Gas Plant

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided engineering, procurement and construction support (EPCM) for a 180 MMSCF/d sour gas processing facility in Northeast British Columbia. Design features included:

  • Inlet slug catching and separation on three separate inlet gathering systems
  • Inlet and sales gas compression – Four (4) 3-stage Ariel JGZ/6 packages, each with 6500 hp electric drives
  • Amine sweetening – 215 US gpm amine circulation
  • Dewpoint control utilizing mechanical refrigeration (300 USTR and 700 hp refrigeration compressors) and glycol injection
  • Condensate stabilization and condensate storage (800 bbl of storage) with truck-out facilities
  • Sour water stripping and produced water storage (10,000 bbl of storage) with truck-out facilities
  • Acid gas compression – dual 300 hp electric drive, 5-stage reciprocating compressors
  • Acid gas dehydration – DEXPRO™ process
  • Acid gas and sweet gas mixing and compression facilities to deliver the combined sour gas system to a nearby gas plant (250 hp reciprocating compressor)
  • 2 km acid gas pipeline to an acid gas injection well (by others)
  • Vapor recovery (tank and dehydrator still vents) and recycle compression (200 hp electric drive)
  • High pressure, low pressure and acid gas flare systems
  • 23.9 km (14.9 mile) long 18” diameter sweet sales gas pipeline and a 5 km (3.0 mile) long 3” diameter sour sales gas pipeline (See Feature Project)
  • High and low pressure fuel gas
  • 22 MMBtu/hr process heat medium
  • 6 MMBtu/hr utility heat medium
  • Instrument air and nitrogen purge systems
  • 26.4 MW power generation station providing all electrical power to the Tupper West Gas Plant  (See Feature Project)
  • Plant 13800 V, 6900 V, 600 V, 208 V, 24 V electrical systems including switchgear, MCCs, VFDs and distribution
  • Underground drain and storage systems for closed hydrocarbon drains, floor drains, amine drains and glycol drains
  • Site civil design and work including grading plans, retention pond design, office/warehouse buildings, site roads, foundations and structural steel