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Kinder Morgan – St. John’s

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided engineering and construction support for three (3) DexPro™ dehydration units for Kinder Morgan’s proposed CO2 Processing Facility located in the St. John’s area in Arizona. The facility ultimately wasn’t built due to the economic downturn, but the engineering was completed and fabrication had partially commenced. The DexPro™ dehydration units had the following specifications:

  • Three (3) x 100 MMSCF/d Inlet Design Capacity
  • Design Conditions: 700 psig @ 120°F Main Process / 2180 psig @ 120°F High Pressure Recycle System
  • Operating Conditions: 500 psig @ 89°F Main Process /1300 psig @ 80°F High Pressure Recycle System
  • 30 lb/MMSCF Outlet Water Content
  • Three (3) 72” OD x 14’ Independent Low Temperature Separator’s (LTS’s) to prevent overloading of compressor scrubber
  • Three (3) 16” NPS x 12” NPS x 8’ Gas-Liquids Exchangers
  • Three (3) 6500 psig Thornhill Craver JT Valves c/w Fisher Actuator and DVC6200 Positioners
  • Three (3) Danfoss CLP005 (non API) Hydrate Inhibitor Pumps c/w 1800 rpm 1 hp TEFC Motor
  • Three (3) A/B CompactLogix PLC c/w 10” PanelView HMI
  • Three (3) Micro Motion Elite CMF200H Mass Flow Meters c/w MVD‑2700 Transmitters
  • Compact Skids: Three (3) 8.’ wide x 25’ long skids
  • Fabrication Started Q1 2015 but project was cancelled due to economic downturn. Future Kinder Morgan projects incorporated the DexPro™ dehydration process.