Gas Plant Debottlenecking – Keyera ,  Rimbey

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed the pre‑FEED, FEED, and detailed engineering to debottleneck and upgrade the Fractionation Train at this existing facility. The fractionation capacity was increased from 18,000 bbl/d to 29,000+ bbl/d of NGL feed. The Fractionation Train consists of a depropanizer and debutanizer that produce spec C3, C4, and C5+. Project services included all aspects of project execution, facility design, brown field retrofits, HAZOP, and project management. Utility steam, fuel gas, refrigerant systems, flare radiation assessments were also completed. The project also implemented noise mitigation efforts as part of the overall scope. The field construction was carried out over two months and the Fractionation Train was on stream on schedule. The following equipment was upgraded, modified, or replaced in support of the increase in capacity:

Plant Debottlenecking highlights

  • 150 hp Fractionation feed pumps (new can-pumps replaced the existing 100 hp can-pumps)
  • Re-rating, and controls on the feed/bottom exchangers
  • Conventional trays with high efficiency, high capacity trays were replaced in one of the two existing depropanizers, and the debutanizer column
  • Reboilers and reflux pumps were replaced
  • Condenser bays and reflux pumps were added
  • Affected tower nozzles and plant piping were upgraded
  • Mole Sieve skid, water cooler, propane chiller, and analyzer building were added
  • High efficiency fans and VFDs as part of the overall plant noise mitigation
  • Power supply transformers, MCC building and auxiliary electrical equipment
  • New DCS and control system accessories