Keyera – Caribou

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided the engineering and procurement for a 40 MMSCF/d expansion of the Caribou Sour Gas Processing plant to increase the capacity of the gas plant to 105 MMSCF/d c/w a new amine system. The expansion required an additional gas sweetening unit, refrigeration unit, acid gas compression, sales gas compression, flare system replacement and utilities. Design features of the plant expansion included:

  • Inlet separator replacement and redesign of inlet control system. Existing inlet separator repurposed to Stabilizer Feed Drum service.
  • 250 US gpm amine sweetening system, with 54” ID contactor
  • 300 hp refrigeration train
  • 1500 hp Ariel JKG/4 main gas compression driven by Waukesha 7042 GSI
  • 800 hp gas engine drive 5-stage acid gas injection system
  • 230’ x 24” OD flarestack, sized for blowdown rate of 180 MMSCF/d
  • Fuel gas system upgrade
  • 22 MMBtu/h heat medium
  • Instrument air package
  • 550 kW power generation addition
  • New DCS system