IPC – Suffield N2N ASP Injection Plant

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided engineering services for the completion and commissioning of an Alkali Surfactant Polymer (ASP) injection plant at their CFB Suffield base located North of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The ASP facility will allow enhanced oil recovery (EOR) of the Original Oil In Place (OOIP).

The facility will produce 400 to 1600 m³/d of ASP water and pipeline the solution off-lease using four injection pumps rated at 100-400 m³/d each, with provisioning for a fifth pump to be installed in the future to enable injection to additional wells.

The facility was partially completed in 2015 before the facility was mothballed. GLE’s scope of work included:

  • Completion of the installation of equipment including a number of minor deficiencies that were not closed out before the project was mothballed
  • Installation of electrical equipment and programming
  • Commissioning and startup

Installed equipment at the ASP Injection Plant includes:

  • Soda Ash Building c/w two (2) Soda Ash Pumps, Soda Ash Hydration Equipment, Surfactant Metering Pump, Instrument Air Compressor, MCC
  • Polymer Building c/w 125 bbl Polymer Mix/Age Tanks, two (2) 40 gpm Polymer Transfer Pumps, filters, four (4) 100‑400 m3/d Quintuplex positive displacement plunger ASP Injection Pumps
  • Process Pump Building c/w three (3) Soft Water Pumps, two (2) Versene Metering Pumps, one (1) Terraflux Pump (Isolated & Not Used), one (1) Water Flush Pump, one (1) Surfactant Circulation Pump, one (1) Chemical Drain Pump, one (1) Floor Drain Pump
  • Dehumidifier Building, Storage Building, VRU Compressor, Office Control Building, Laboratory Building, and Instrument Air & MCC Building
    Modularized Piperacks
  • Two (2) 2000 bbl Water Tanks
  • One (1) 400 bbl Versene Tank
  • One (1) 750 bbl Surfactant Tank
  • One (1) 400 bbl Terraflux Tank (Isolated & Not Used)
  • One (1) 50 bbl Pop Tank
  • One (1) 1.25 MMbtu/hr Heat Medium / Line Heater
  • Two (2) 15 m³/hr Glycol Circulation Pumps + One (1) Glycol Expansion Vessel
  • One (1) 250 m3 Soda Ash Storage