IPC – Suffield 08-05 Water Injection Pump

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services for the installation of a new higher capacity water injection pump at IPC Canada’s 08-05 facility.

The 08-05 satellite was injecting 1768 m³/d of water into the injection wells (16V-32, 11V-05, 08V-05, 2B-29, and 05-17) located 50 km Northeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta. IPC Canada’s 10 year forecast calls for 3268 m³/d of water with the installation of additional injection wells, which necessitated the installation of a higher capacity water injection pump. Project scope included:

  • Relocation and installation of a surplus 360hp Sulzer Bingham 3 x 6 x 9E MSD 10-stage pump from 10-17-19-08-W4M to 08-05-018-06-W4M
  • Installation of new Water Injection Pump caisson
  • Installation of instruments, flow meter and controls for the injection pump
  • Installation of new Gas Sweetening Skid caisson
  • Installation of new Gas Sweetening package
  • Installation of interconnecting piping inside and outside of the caissons
  • Installation of structural steel pipe supports and steel piles
  • Electrical scope included:
    • Upgrade existing 500 kVA transformer to 1.5 MVA
    • Relocation of the surplus 5 kV soft starter from
    • 10-17-19-08-W4M to 08-05-18-06-W4M
    • Installation and wiring of all equipment as per electrical drawing package