Husky Energy – Wembley Multi-Well Pad

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is currently undertaking EPCM services for Husky Energy to construct a multi-well gas battery in the Wembley area. The facility is located 55 km Northwest of Grand Prairie, Alberta.

The pad is designed to be executed in multiple phases, with Phase 1 including the installation of 3 of the 12 proposed wells to be installed on the lease.

Installed equipment will include:

  • Three (3) New Wells; each c/w
  • Wellhead ESDV
  • Sand Separator
  • Inlet Control Valve (Angle Choke)
  • Triple Separator Package
  • Three (3) 3-Phase Separators
  • One (1) Instrument Air Compressor
  • Ten (10) Injection Pumps
  • One (1) RTU Panel
  • Chemical Tank Skid
  • Two (2) produced water storage vessels
  • HP Flare Knock Out Drum
  • Dual HP Flare stack
  • Communication Tower / Radio Mast (TBD with Path Study)