Husky Energy – Rainbow Lake Sales Oil Degassing

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services for the installation of a new field erected 10,000 bbl API 650 tank during the Sales Oil Degassing Project at Husky Energy’s Rainbow Lake oil processing facility.

The Rainbow Lake facility was experiencing vapour and odour issued caused by solution gas breaking out of the oil in a 130,000 bbl Sales Oil tank. The Rainbow Lakes Sales Oil Degassing project accomplished two main objectives; eliminate the gas in the 130,000 bbl Sales Oil tank, and recover the gas dissolved in the Sales Oil, process it, and sell it.

Hot processed sales oil is intercepted downstream of the crude oil dehydrator, which allows it to degas in a new field erected 10,000 bbl holding tank. Vapour is recovered off the tank, processed, and sold.

The project scope included:

  • One (1) field erected insulated 10,000 bbl API 650 Tank to minimize heat loss
  • Two (2) 50 m³/hr Oil Recycle Pumps
  • Tie-in to existing Foam Fire Suppression System
  • Tie-in to existing Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU)
  • Insulated inter-connecting pipes to minimize heat loss