Husky Energy – Rainbow Lake Acid Gas Injection Compressor

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided detailed process, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering and construction support for a reciprocating acid gas compressor to inject 3.9 MMSCF/d into an acid gas well. The compressor was installed in an existing facility and replaced one of the two existing acid gas compressors. The second existing compressor was kept as a back-up. An Acid Gas Injection Engineering study was completed to determine if an API 618 versus API 11P compressor should be installed. The API 618 provided the superior solution.

Scope of the project also included the assessment of the existing inlet compressor scrubber and glycol dehydration unit of the replaced compressor. The evaluation determined that both scrubber and the dehydrator would be suitable for re-use.

The design features included:

  • One (1) new 1650 hp 5-stage electric driven API 618 reciprocating compressor
    • All components in contact with high pressure acid gas are dual rated 316/316L stainless steel
  • Tie-in of an existing inlet gas compressor scrubber, glycol dehydration unit and acid gas pipeline
  • Elevated compressor foundation of poured concrete with piles
  • Two story compressor building to improve maintenance access
  • New MCC building for VFDs for the compressor and cooler fans, switch gear, the UPS, and a DeltaV control cabinet
  • DeltaV control cabinet with separate I/O racks for Basic Process Control System (BPCS) and Control Safety System (CSS)