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Husky Energy – Eagle Creek Polymer Flood Phase 2 FEED

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed a FEED study for the installation of a new Polymer Blending facility at Husky Energy’s Eagle Creek facility.

The existing oil battery was operating for 27 years at the time of this feed study. The oil battery has water injection processing (6200 m³/d capacity) and emulsion processing (700 m³/d capacity). The facility is receiving more than its designed capacity with an emulsion inlet of 3650 m³/d (50 m³/d Oil, 3600 m³/d Water, 2 e³m³/d Solution Gas).

By introducing polymer chemical flooding Husky Energy would be able to increase total emulsion inlet capacity to 5500 m³/d (500 m³/d Oil, 5000 m³/d Water, 20 e³m³/d Solution Gas). GLE’s FEED study scope included the installation of:

  • Upgrade / Modify Existing Oil Battery to handle 5500 m³/d total inlet emulsion
  • One (1) HP / LP Dual Barrel Flare Stock c/w HP & LP FKOD’s
  • Water Injection Skid, Transfer / Booster Pump Skid, Filtering Skid
  • Four (4) 2000 bbl Oil Tanks
  • Three (3) 2000 bbl Water Tanks
  • One (1) 1000 bbl Desand Tank
  • Replace Office / Shop
  • Construct new MCC / Control Centre
  • Add exchanger for Sales Oil Cooling, and add exchangers and heating system to replace firetubes in treater
  • Automate desanding & flushing systems in treater and FWKO
  • Add / replace piping as required and remove obsolete equipment