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EOG Resources – Pierson Oil Battery

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided the mechanical, civil and structural design and construction support for a new oil battery in Southwest Manitoba. The design basis for the oil battery was 714 m³/day of inlet fluid with a 63% water cut. The clean oil production was 265 m³/day of 33° API crude oil and approximately 2.5 MMSCF/d of associated gas which was transported to another EOG site for further gas processing. Facilities designed included the following:

  • Free Water Knock-out Drum
  • Oil Treater
  • 2-stage Compressor to booster the gas pressure to deliver the gas to an EOG gas plant
  • Storage Tanks: Two (2) Sales Oil Tanks, one (1) Water Skim Tank, one (1) Water Disposal Tank, and one (1) Slop Oil Tank
  • Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) that services all of the Storage Tanks
  • High & Low Pressure Flare systems
  • Clean Oil Sales Pump for pipeline transfers and a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer system
  • Water injection pump and back-up truck loading facility for water disposal
  • Recycle pump to recycle off-spec oil and slop oil
  • Truck off-loading facilities for crude oil emulsions from other sites
  • Water run-off pond
  • Pipelines:
    • 32 km 8” oil line
    • 32 km 4” gas line to transfer associated gas to EOG gas plant nearby
    • 32 km 6” fuel gas pipeline from the EOG gas plant to the Oil Battery. The pipeline will be converted to a sales gas pipeline in the future.