Enhance Energy – Clive Oil Battery

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is currently undertaking EPCM services for Enhance Energy to expand the Clive Oil Battery. CO2 will be injected into the aging Clive Oil Field for the purpose of enhanced oil recovery. The injection of CO2 will aid significantly in the recovery of hydrocarbons from the reservoir and add to the remaining life of the oil field. CO2 will be captured at the North West Redwater Partnership (NWRP) Sturgeon Refinery and the Nutrien Redwater Fertilizer Facility, compressed through a compressor station and sent through the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) to the Clive Oil Battery. The CO2 capture projects and compressor stations were completed by Wolf Midstream. The facility is located in Central Alberta; about 10 km south east of the village of Clive.

The Clive Oil Battery CO2 project will be developed in stages to reflect the availability of CO2 and the response time of the reservoir.

Stage 1 (October 2019)

1000 bbl/d Oil, 65,000 bbl/d Produced Water, 7 MMSCF/d Gas. Completed November 2019.

Stage 2 (June 2020)

8000 bbl/d Oil, 65,000 bbl/d Produced Water, 52.5 MMSCF/d Recycle Gas. Completed June 2020.

Stage 3 (December 2020)

8000 bbl/d Oil, 65,000 bbl/d Produced Water, 105 MMSCF/d Recycle Gas. Targeted completion date of December 2020.

Modified Equipment

The following existing equipment will be modified:

  • Gas Separator Package
  • Slug Catcher
  • Treaters
  • Flare System
  • Sales Oil LACT
  • Methanol Storage
  • Water & Slop Storage
  • Oil Storage
  • Gas Boot
  • Precipitator

New Equipment

The following new equipment will be installed:

  • Battery Gas Compression – One (1) two/three stage Ariel JGK/4 compressor package equipped with 1400 hp 900 RPM 4160V EMD
  • Recycle Compression – Two (2) two-stage Ariel JGD/6 compressor packages equipped with 4600 hp 900 RPM 4160V EMD
  • One (1) Frick SGC 2313 Booster Screw Compressor c/w 300 hp 3600 RPM 460V EMD
  • One (1) VRU Ro-Flo 10G Rotary Vane Compressor c/w 75 hp 1200 RPM 460V EMD
  • Riser Area & Headers c/w ESDV & Pig Receiver/Senders
    • 12” Inlet Gas/Emulsion
    • 10” CO2 Injection – Installation of a high pressure CO2 injection pipeline with metering/choke facilities (8 wells on 4 pad sites)
    • 8” Water Injection – Installation of WAG water line with metering/choke facilities (8 wells on 4 pad sites) in a common ditch with CO2 injection pipeline
    • 16” ACTL
  • DexPro™ Dehydration Package c/w Methanol Injection System
  • Various Coolers: Sales Oil Cooler, Lube Oil Cooler, etc.
  • Blowdown Heater
  • HP Inlet Separator (96” ID x 40’ S/S)
  • HP Flare Stack (16” OD x 125’ Tall c/w Ring Burner)
  • Water Injection Package
    • Water Injection/Disposal Pumps – 2 x 50% 33,000bbl/d at TDH 260 m