Enerplus – Medicine Hat Glauc C Section 4 Wellhead Modifications

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services to reconfigure twelve (12) wells in the Medicine Hat Glauc C Section 4 area to replace the use of satellite skids to solve some operational and regulatory issues.

A Coriolis meter was installed at each wellhead to monitor production and control the downhole pump via a pump-off controller. Connections were left for future auto-samplers which will be enclosed in a heated utilidor. Sampling rates are controlled and adjusted by a PLC panel c/w HMI. Temperature and pressure transmitters were also installed to be ready for SCADA to be installed at a later date.

Some existing steel pipelines were replaced with 301 series flexpipe as part of the project scope as well. An existing 4” 301 flexpipe from 02-04 to 13-34 satellite was also replaced with a new 8” steel pipeline to handle a larger production capacity.