Devon – Leland Sour Gas Dehydration Facility

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed an engineering review of a 60 MMSCF/d very sour (31% H2S) dehydration facility, that was built in 1999. The facility was experiencing numerous leaking valves. The following was observed by GLE:

  • The facility was found to be designed with a strong adherence to safety
  • Design pressures are consistently high with few spec breaks
  • Inlet ESD valves are provided, as are proper control valves per industry standard
  • The equipment and piping were all designed in accordance with generally accepted engineering practices and sufficient design margins are present to allow for the very sour (>30% H2S) production gas.

GLE provided the following recommendations:

  • Evaluate using a condensate solvent in lieu of DADS to prevent elastomer attack and valve seal failures
  • Operate and cycle all plant valves periodically to ensure operation
  • Replace seized valves as necessary with gate or globe valves
  • Mechanically clean, prime and paint exterior piping
  • Heat loop piping within the regeneration gas piping to assist in sulphur melting
  • Monitor corrosion of salt bath heater outlet piping, and review salt bath heater coil design criteria
  • Replace heater and coil for severe corrosion protection
  • Add heat tracing to select equipment around the facility
  • Review synchronization of generators
  • Insure inlet filters are properly installed in the inlet filter separator