Devon – Coleman Pre-2013 Decommissioning

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) debottlenecked the Coleman sour gas plant. Throughput was increased from 70 MMSCF/d to 100 MMSCF/d of raw inlet gas with 18.3% H2S content. The plant was originally built in the 1960’s, which posed some challenges due to full stick-built construction methodology and aging equipment in severe sour service. GLE performed a detailed evaluation of the existing plant consisting of the following equipment.

  • Inlet Separation
  • Sour Inlet Condensate Stabilizer (300 bbl/d)
  • 1575 US gpm Sulfinol-D™ gas sweetening and regeneration system
  • Two-tower Sorbead® gas dehydration system
  • Sales gas compression
  • 700 tonne/d 2-stage Claus + SUPERCLAUS® sulphur recovery unit
  • 215,000 lb/hr 400# / 160# / 50# / 15# utility steam system
  • Fuel gas system
  • HP and LP flare systems

The debottlenecking scope included:

  • Modifications to existing inlet separators and inlet manifolds
  • Debottlenecking within the gas sweetening and regeneration system
  • New contactor with stainless cladding
  • New Sulfinol™ flash tank with stainless cladding
  • Upsized piping to the two regeneration trains
  • Additional lean Sulfinol™ cooling
  • Installation of lean Sulfinol™ filtration
  • Addition of a 160 USGPM LP gas sweetening utilizing DGA (diglycolamine) and LP sour recycle compression
  • New three-tower Sorbead® gas dehydration system
  • New sales compression

Eventually the plant was decommissioned and demolished in 2013-2014.