CMC Research Institute – Countess CO2 Injection Site Troubleshooting

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided troubleshooting for a CO2 injection site in the Countess area for CMC Research Institute. During GLE’s troubleshooting it was determined that the existing CO2 pump was inadequately sized and that a subcooler heat exchanger should be installed.

Project scope included:

  • Removal of existing 0.78 US gpm Bruin CO2 Pump
  • Installation of 1.5 US gpm Cryostar CO2 Pump & VFD
  • Installation of new Subcooler Heat Exchanger
  • Fabricate / install associated Piping, Equipment Supports
  • Installation of various Valves and Gauges
  • Installation of Electric Blow Down Valve
  • Full EI&C Engineering including PLC / HMI Programming, Commissioning, and Startup

The Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI) of CMC Research Institutes, Inc. and the University of Calgary constructed this site as part of a Field Research Station for research into monitoring technologies for containment and conformance of subsurface fluids, particularly CO2. You can read more about this research station here.