Central Canada – Ethanol Plant Carbon Sequestration Project

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed a FEED study for carbon capture and sequestration project at an ethanol plant in central Canada. The facility produces ethanol by fermentation, with 120000 tonnes per year of CO₂ formed as a normal fermentation byproduct. The client plans to capture this CO₂, compress it, and inject it for permanent sequestration into an on-site disposal well. A future option of transporting the CO₂ offsite via pipeline for use in an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) scheme is also being evaluated as part of the FEED.

Project highlights include:

  • Tie-in of CO₂ from the existing Ethanol Absorber
  • New multi-stage blower to boost CO₂ pressure and an aftercooler
  • Piping and pipe supports from the existing Production building, to the new CO₂ compression facility, and to the injection wellhead.
  • New 5 stage reciprocating CO₂ injection compressor
  • Tie-ins for various utilities
  • New MCC Building including:
    • DCS Panel
    • 600 – 120VAC UPS
    • 600VAC Motor Control Center (MCC)
    • 12.47 kV – 4160 VAC VFD for CO2 Compressor motor
    • Fire Alarm Panel
    • 600VAC – 120/208 Transformers with VAC120/208 Distribution Panels
  • Communication Rack for Fiber and Ethernet
  • Expansion of the existing DCS control system into the new CO2 sequestration facilities
  • Upgrades to the existing cooling water system including the install of a new 125 hp pump controlled by a new VFD