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Cenovus – SWB to MWB

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided mechanical engineering, drafting, and regulatory support for the installation of two new horizontal wells at an existing single‑well battery (SWB) site. To accommodate the new wells the existing SWB was upgraded and relicensed to a multi-well battery (MWB). The scope of the upgrade included:

  • Wellhead tie-ins
  • Two (2) 3” on-lease pipelines to bring production from the new wells to the battery
  • Modification of riser area to install group and test rails complete with ESD by-pass. Existing 4” x 3” pig receiver was reused and connected to the new test header.
  • Addition of a 16” OD test separator package
  • Addition of one (1) 750 bbl sales tank with burner system (BMS)
  • Interconnecting piping to tie new equipment into the existing system
  • Installation of new pipe supports
  • Gravel pad foundation for the new skids and storage tank
  • Berm and liner system for the new storage tank with space for an additional future tank
  • Regulatory work to re-license the existing facility to a multi-well facility with an inlet gas rate of 90 e³m³/day and H2S content of 800 ppm