Arc Resources – Parkland Oil Processing and Solution Gas Plant

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided engineering, procurement and construction management support for a 64 MMSCF/d solution gas, 9800 bbl/day inlet oil, and 5450 bbl/day Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) processing and terminal facility in Northeast British Columbia. Plant products are delivered to pipeline with the option for oil and NGL’s to be trucked out. The project was operating at full capacity only 25 months after project conception. Project design features included:

  • 13,500 hp of gas compression consisting of three (3) parallel, electrically driven Ariel KBZ reciprocating compressors
  • 2700 hp of propane refrigeration compression, consisting of two (2) parallel electrically driven Howden screw compressors
  • Two (2) parallel 400 hp de‑ethanizer overhead compressors, with a third spare overhead compressor
  • One (1) 4.7 MW Solar Taurus 60S and two (2) 3.8 MW Solar Centaur 50 gas turbine power generators, and one (1) 1 MW gas‑engine powered generator
  • Six (6) 60,000 US Gallon NGL storage bullets
  • Ten (10) 1000 bbl oil storage tanks
  • 5 MMBtu/hr 10’ x 40’ oil treater
  • (2) 13 MMBtu/h heat medium heaters with provisions to add a third
  • 12’ x 40’ and 8’ x 30’ inlet separators / slug catchers with desanding system
  • Process buildings were shop constructed and pre-wired whenever possible
  • Non-modular racks, with 85% of welds completed in a shop environment, allowing for rapid construction
  • Site civil design and work including grading plans, tank berm, site roads, power generation foundations and structural steel