Altagas – Harmattan Terminal

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services to debottleneck the Harmattan truck, rail and pipeline terminal facilities. Project scope included design and construction management support for:

  • Two additional NGL mix truck unloading stations at existing Harmattan Plant truck terminal (identical metering, controls and logic as existing two)
  • New LPG truck loading terminal
  • New Butane truck loading station
  • Two refurbished NGL mix storage bullets in existing tank farm area
  • New piping above ground to replace aging underground piping
  • New butane pipeline booster pump to inject into Plains Midstream pipeline
  • New condensate booster pump to inject into Plains Midstream pipeline
  • Four additional railcar loading stations for both propane and butane services
  • Conversion of existing butane truck loading system to propane loading service
  • Conversion of one (1) butane storage bullet to propane service