Altagas – Harmattan CO2 Recovery Plant

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services on a brownfield project to add a 200 t/d CO2 recovery plant to an existing 493 MMSCF/d gas processing plant. The plant processes raw sour natural gas containing H2S and CO2.

Prior to the completion of the CO2 recovery project the H2S was converted into elemental sulphur and the CO2 was vented into the atmosphere. After the completion of the CO2 recovery project the plant was able to recover 200 t/d of CO2 and store it onsite prior to being trucked to market at various locations throughout Alberta.

The project saved considerable capital by integrating the new facility into the existing gas plant and reusing certain vessels, compressors, and other equipment, which was revamped for the service and infrastructure.

Project scope included the installation of the following equipment:

  • Reapplication of an existing 1750 hp YORK 5-stage CO2 compressor to a 1000 hp 3-stage CO2 compressor
  • COS Reactor
  • SULFATREAT® Inlet Separator
  • Two (2) SULFATREAT® Reactors
  • Carbon Absorber Vessel
  • Dehydration Feed Separator
  • Two (2) Dehydration Towers
  • CO2 Accumulator
  • CO2 Compressor Suction Scrubber
  • CO2 Compressor Slurry Catcher
  • CO2 Condenser
  • CO2 Vapourizer
  • Two (2) 113,191 US Gallons CO2 Storage Bullets
  • CO2 Truck-out facility with two (2) loading station bays and a TerminalBOSS Trucker Interface c/w two (2) 30 hp Reliance CO2 Truck Loading Pumps
  • Propane Suction Scrubber
  • Propane Subcooler
  • Regen Gas Scrubber
  • Regen Gas Cooler & Regen Gas Heater
  • Refrigerant Accumulator
  • Refrigerant Condenser
  • Torsional analysis and flywheel design for the new configuration
  • Water Injection Pump