Altagas – Blair Creek

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services for two expansions to the Blair Creek gas processing facility, as well as an 8 km long gathering pipeline.

Expansion 1

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) designed and provided construction management support of a major gas plant modification to process an additional 46 MMSCF/d, increasing plant capacity to 64 MMSCF/d.

  • Twinning of an inlet raw gas pipeline
  • Inlet separator sized for 64 MMSCF/d
  • Three (3) 2-stage Ariel compressors (1 x JGK/4, 2 x JGD/4) with Waukesha natural gas drivers (1 x 1680 hp, 2 x 1970 hp) for inlet and sales compression
  • Two refrigeration units (primary and secondary) for high liquids recovery
    • The primary refrigeration unit utilizes a single stage Mycom screw compressor with a 500 hp electric driver
    • The secondary refrigeration unit utilizes a single stage Mycom screw compressor with a 600 hp electric driver
  • Glycol still vent condensing tank for reduction of BTEX emissions
  • Liquids fractionation including a stabilizer and de-ethanizer
  • Recycle compression
  • Processed liquids storage including 3000 bbl total condensate storage and 250,000 US Gallon of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) storage
  • Vapour recovery unit (with backup venturi educator) to eliminate emissions from condensate and produced water storage tanks
  • Flare system with header, knockout drum and 140 ft (43 m) tall stack
  • Electric power generation with 800 kW output
  • Full plant utilities including:
    • Fuel gas system
    • Fuel gas system
    • Instrument air  Heat medium system with heater providing 6.5 MMBtu/h (1907 kW) of duty
    • Drain and storage systems for closed hydrocarbon drains, floor drains, and glycol drains
    • Integrated plant control system, including plant DCS, unit control systems and ESD system
    • Site civil design and work including grading plans, drainage pond, buildings, foundations and structural steel

Expansion 2

GLE provided EPCM services, including regulatory requirements, for the additional expansion of the Blair Creek gas plant in 2015. Throughput was increased from 64 MMSCF/d to 84 MMSCF/d (compressors at reduced load), with future throughput capability of 110 MMSCF/d. Project scope included the installation of:

  • One (1) 2-stage compressor (Ariel JGC/4) driven by a G3608-LE Cat Engine (2370 hp)
  • One (1) dual fan overhead aerial cooler
  • One (1) natural gas compressor building
  • Associated above ground piping complete with tie-ins and piles
  • All control and instrumentation to facilitate complete remote automated control
  • Wiring of additional components
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering

Gathering Pipeline

Detailed design work and construction management support for the installation of an 8 km long sweet raw gas gathering pipeline, which loops an existing gathering line from Progress Energy’s c-89-G/94-B-16 wellsite to AltaGas’ Blair Creek Gas Plant within d-58-F/94-B-16. The line was designed to accommodate 20 MMSCF/d of multiphase well production (gas, condensate, and water) at a MOP of 9930 kPag (1440 psig). The project also included modifications at the c-89-G wellsite, pigging facilities, installation of a camelback riser near the midpoint of the right-of-way (to accommodate flow from Painted Pony Petroleum and interconnect with the existing AltaGas 6” gathering pipeline), and tie-ins at the Blair Creek Gas Plant. Project scope of the pipeline included:

  • 8 km (5 mile) long pipeline, 273.1 mm OD (10 NPS)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) of 9930 kPag (1440 psig)
  • 1 Intermediate camelback riser
  • Pig sender + receiver
  • Full integration with AltaGas’ existing pipeline system
  • Re-routing to avoid archaeological sites discovered on the right-of-way
  • Two creek crossings