Win Energy – Oleoducto Todd Creek

Detailed design work and installation of a gathering system in the Cowley Todd Creek area to transport sweet gas to the Todd Creek Gas Plant. The project consisted of four phases requiring the installation of approximately 800 meters of 114.3 mm, 28.5 km of 168.3 mm and 21.3 km of 219.1 mm diameter natural gas pipelines with maximum operating design pressures of 8700 kPag (1262 psig), 9930 kPag (1440 psig), 11080 kPag (1607 psig).

  • Phase 1 is approximately 11.1 km long and runs from the 06‑33-09-02 W5M wellsite to the compressor station in NW ¼ 34-008-02 W5M
  • Phase 2 is approximately 21.3 km and runs from 10‑17‑07‑01 W5M to the gas plant in NW ¼ 34‑08‑02 W5M
  • Phase 3 is approximately 7.1 km and runs from 08‑29‑08‑01 W5M to a tie-in point at 02-03-09-02 W5M
  • Phase 4 is approximately 7.0 km and runs from 13‑09‑08‑01 W5M to a tie-in point at 11-01-08-02 W5M
  • A 2.9 km sales line running west of the gas plant to a tie-in point at the Nova Gas pipeline located in NE ¼ 32‑008‑02 W5M
  • Pipeline routing runs along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and crosses six watercourses: Todd Creek (three crossings), Cow Creek (two crossings), Wildcat Creek, Ross Creek, Connelly Creek and the Crowsnest River.