Arrecife de acero – Generación de energía Steelman

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed EPCM services for the installation of a power generation package at Steel Reef’s Steelman Gas Plant, located near the hamlet of Steelman, Saskatchewan. Startup occurred in June 2021.

Installed equipment included:

  • One (1) 6.6 MW 5kV Natural Gas Turbine Generator
  • One (1) 600kW Black Start / Emergency Gas-engine Generator
  • One (1) Electrical Building
  • Two (2) Motor Starting Capacitor Banks
  • One (1) Padmount Transformer
  • One (1) Fuel Gas Pre-Heater and Filter/Coalescer Skid
  • One (1) 5kV Custom Bus for existing 5kV Switchgear
  • One (1) 5kV Generator Switchgear
  • One (1) 2.4kV Custom Bus for existing 2.4kV Switchgear
  • One (1) 2.4kV Plant Switchgear
  • One (1) 480V MCC (housed inside Electrical Building)
  • One (1) 120VAC UPS
  • Two (2) Control Panels
  • LED Lighting
  • Piping, structural steel, piling, foundations, and earthworks
  • Full in-house Engineering including EI&C
  • Provisions for a future Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU)